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Creating Software and Plugins related to HDR came out of our own need to do HDR color grading, HDR content productions, HDR test patterns and image quality consulting. This means that tools from FF Pictures are made to solve problems and save time in challenging post production workflows.

Experience our unique solutions to create and quality control High Dynamic Range contents.

If you add our tools to your existing workflow, it will help you to simplify tasks, do accurate quality control and increase the production value of your HDR content.

Frame Statistics | MaxCLL MaxFALL | Luminance distribution and Average values | HDRmaster
CIE Chromaticity Diagram BT.2020, DCI-P3 | HDR master
Pixel Color Analyzer | CIE x,y,Y values and 10 Bit values
HDR Histogram | HDRmaster
HDR Heatmap | False Color | HDRmaster
HDR Heatmap tool 
Shows signal or nit levels in selected false colors, similar to production monitors.
HDR Oscilloscope | HDRmaster
Oscilloscope tool 
Analyze Pixel values (signal levels or luminance) in a line, a row or in between two selected cursors.
HDR Test Pattern QC | HDRmaster
NEW: HDRmaster Version 2 (for Windows)
Now with advanced HDR analysis tools, more file formats, GPU accelleration (up to 10x faster than version 1) and upcoming dynamic metadata features.

HDRmaster version 2 can be purchased as a standalone software for Windows or as part of the HDRmaster toolset annual subscription.

MetaCLL: Detailed Metadata and Signal Level Analysis over the whole video, providing statistical values such as MaxCLL and MaxFALL or luminance levels of Highlights for all frames in the video. The results are summarized and written into a CSV which can be applied to the individual frames of video as well.

Frame statistics:  Shows you a large number of statistic values about each frame of video. You'll learn more about the APL, the levels of highlights or the amount of shadow detail in the picture)

Chromaticity Diagram: Shows you the pixels of the content in a CIE Diagram (x,y and u'v' coordinates) to see if everything is exceeding specified gamuts like BT.709 or DCI-P3. 

Color Analyzer: Allows you to put a cursor somewhere in the frame of your video to see all relevant luminance- and chrominance values of the selected pixel.

HDR Histogram: See the luminance distribution of the current frame in different modes and an adjustable range. 

HDR Heatmap: Converts luminance to selected colors, similar to the "false color" feature of many production monitors.

Oscilloscope: This analyzer function will give you an oscilloscope-like tool for your videos or frame sequences (TIFF, EXR, DNG, DPX). The data for the Waveform can be a single line or column or even a drawn line from Cursor A to Cursor B. The values can be exported as CSV for further processing (for example when you do camera tests).

Test pattern QC: In modern HDR workflows, many tools involved have a lot of settings and the accuracy of the workflow can be messed up easily. Test pattern QC is capable of analyzing many different signal parameters at once and create a pass/fail report out of it. The needed Test Stripe to implement in your workflow is included as a uncompressed TIFF-File.

(coming soon) Dynamic Metadata:  HDR10+ compliant handling of dynamic HDR metadata, allowing to import and export dynamic metadata, supporting both (video and JSON files), seeing values for every frame, edit values and more.

HDRmaster v2 Tutorial: MaxCLL and MaxFALL Analysis
HDRmaster v2 Tutorial: Chromaticity Diagram

HDRmaster.com main screen: Here you can load HDR video files (MP4, MKV, TS, .HEVC, .H264) and then apply HDR presets or user values without reencoding the file. The integrated Video Signal Level Analyzer allows you to check the accuracy of encoding as well as HDR luminance levels.

Signal Level Analyzer with the included HDR Test Pattern: measure signal levels of your HDR videos with a cursor and compare it to average values of the frame or file.

TIFF image export: When exporting TIFF images, HDRmaster is capable of indicating levels above or below certain nit values to let you know where you're exceeding specific luminance levels).

HDRmaster Version 1 (2017 release)
Software for advanced metadata injection/editing of H.264/H.265 video streams including detailed signal level analysis.

HDRmaster is the successor of SEIedit. This tool for Windows includes all capabilities to inject or edit HDR / HLG metadata into video streams, but also adds advanced signal level analysis functions in order to make sure your video files match up to highest standards in signal accuracy.

HDRmaster will allow you to read RAW YcbCr values as well as decoded RGB and nit values.

A HDR test pattern (RAW TIFF and H.265/H.264) is also included. This combination of tools is appreciated by colorists and post production companies worldwide in order to check the accuracy of their workflows.


In addition to the functions provided by SEIedit (listed below), HDRmaster.com allows you to: 

  • Analyze signal levels of HDR video files (YCbCr values, RGB values, nit values, MaxCLL and MaxFALL for single frames or all frames of the video) 
  • CSV export of the values above
  • Decode frames with BT.709 or BT.2020 matrix coefficients
  • Export single video frames to uncompressed 16 Bit TIFF files for further analysis (including encoding artifacts) or comparison against the reference in color grading systems or encoding workflows
  • prepare HDR videos for Youtube upload (note: it must be high profile AVC encoded, preferably in 10 Bit)

You won't find any other tool that is capable of these functions and still affordable for small businesses.

HDR combined test pattern: This pattern is included in HDRmaster (TIFF, AVC, HEVC). It'll allow you to check signal levels and do comparisons in order to eliminate "gamma shifts" some colorists and post production houses are facing.

Youtube HDR example: The HDR video above was prepared with HDRmaster and got uploaded to youtube afterwards. HDRmaster comes with a preset file for youtube HDR (see picture below). Please note that the encoding has to comply with Youtube standards.


Youtube HDR example: The HDR video above was prepared with HDRmaster and got uploaded to youtube afterwards. HDRmaster comes with a preset file for youtube HDR (see picture below). Please note that the encoding has to comply with Youtube standards.

For HEVC videos with HDR or HLG*:

Software for metadata enhancement of H.264/H.265 video streams to include HDR 10 and Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG)

SEIedit is our solution in order to modify VUI and SEI metadata, adding the necessary HDR / HLG meta information to it. 

For fast success within ten minutes after purchasing the software, SEIedit comes with a preset for HDR 10, compatible to many modern TVs with HDR capability.

We've also added a preset for HLG.

  • supports 10 Bit and 8 Bit streams
  • supports .ts, .mp4, .mkv containers
  • supports .hevc elementary streams for Ultra HD Blu-ray authoring
  • edits VUI info
  • edits selected SEI messages for HDR purposes, such as mastering display information
  • edits SMPTE 2086 Color Volume info like MaxCLL and MaxFall values for the entire file or multiple timestamps
  • supports batch processing of multiple files using the same preset
  • shows existing metadata info VUI/SEI of the opened file
  • allows injection of Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG)
  • allows deletion or replacement of existing  HDR/HLG metadata

SEIedit does not change the source signal. Your video files are not being reencoded, so we always maintain the highest quality possible.

SEIedit is compatible with Windows 10 and some previous versions of Windows.

*HLG or Hybrid Log Gamma is becoming popular after ITU BT.2100 was published. ITU 2100 supports both, HDR 10 and HLG.

This video explains how to modify CEA 861.3 HDR Infoframes as well as AVI Infoframes using AVTOPcontroller.

This video explains how to use the webserver of AVTOPcontroller for remote access and scripting.

For HDMI signals with HDR:
HDfury Integral + AVTOPcontroller

a powerful hardware & sofware combo to add HDMI 2.0a metadata to your existing sources.

The HDfury Integral is a powerful HDMI 2.0a-device with a lot of features.
We have worked with HDfury in order to allow HDR metadata to be injected into any existing HDMI signal. In other words: This device adds HDMI 2.0a capabiltiy to all of your existing HDMI sources like generators or post production equipment.

The device initially comes with a HDR demo mode (requires latest firmware and GUI to be installed). This demo mode allows you to switch between the HDR and SDR mode with the touch of a button (see video on the left side).

AVTOP is the exclusive partner of HDfury for third party API/DLL integration of the device. With AVTOPcontroller, we've created a solution in order to control the device and HDR metadata dynamically. This allows the Integral to be used for HDR measurement, HDR calibration and HDR content creation.

Dynamic control of the device requires a PC with the integral connected over USB. 

The unique AVTOPcontroller acts as GUI and as a webserver, interfacing to the INTEGRAL and unveiling its full capabilities, including easy control of Mastering Display Settings, AVI Infoframe and even new values such as MaxCLL and MaxFALL.

Scripting the HDfury INTEGRAL 4K 60 enables the use of the device for calibration and post production.

AVTOPcontroller is integrated into CalMAN as a HDR source/generator.
While the device does not create test patterns or changes video levels, it can be used with any exisitng generator (Full HD or UHD / 4K) in order to add the needed HDR metadata to the signal.

For testing and calibrating HDR:
Quality.TV HDR patterns & demo materials

Quality.TV is founded by the video experts Joe Kane and Florian Friedrich. It's a independent and well known source for high qualiy test- and demo materials.

HDR Content from Quality.TV is still under development, but if you subscribe to the newsletter, you'll be notified as soon as the material is available.

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